Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel
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Rossi™ Bye-Bye Gel

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Afraid of damaging your nails? Try this professional Bye-Bye Gel instead. It helps you remove your gel polish much faster. No more soaking in acetone, no more foils, no more scraping. Now you can enjoy your mani knowing your nails won't suffer for it.


  • Hassle-Free Removal
  • Super simple & easy to use
  • Quickly remove process
  • No more soaking in acetone
  • No more scraping
  • No damage nails
  • No more foils 
  • Works best for gel polish only


  • Gently buff your top coat
  • Apply Rossi™ Bye-bye Gel to the polished nail surface
  • The nail surface will peel off after 3-5 minutes
  • Remove the product using a wooden nail stick 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Would never go back to Acetone

This is a great product. I have used it now for about a year and haven’t had any damage to my natural nail as a result of using Bye-Bye Gel to remove gel polish. I would never go back to Acetone as a removal method now that I have found this.

Diana Galatis
Impressive quality and fast shipping

Quality seems to be really good, beautiful colors to chose from, i am just not too sure about the gel remover, as it seems to have eaten away at my nail as well, so might need to use with caution.

Nadine Thaege
So good

I really love the bye-bye Gel for removing my gel polish. It's so easy!

Taylor K.

I used this to remove my glam powder. It took a lot longer than 5-10 minutes, closer to 20-25. I filed my polish down thin but some of the nails still needed two coats to remove all the powder. Also, my bottle seemed very empty and it was hard to get enough of the product on the brush to cost my nail. Not as amazing as I was hoping but still better than soaking off in acetone which I was doing in the past.

Janette K.

This is a great product! It works so much faster than the acetone soak- off. It is important to buff the gel nail polish prior to applying the remover. I would definitely continue to use this product.

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