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Mystery Box

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Holy Mystery Box! Grab our ultimate Mystery Box, filled with nail goodies that you’ll fall in love with. 160+ Value. Yours for €74.99

What you’ll get:

Combo: 8 Glam Powders, at any size (0.6oz/1oz/2oz), 6 Gel Polishes (15ml), 2 Liquids, 2 Accessories

Dip Powder: 12 Glam Powders, at any size (0.6oz/1oz/2oz), 2 Liquids, 2 Accessories

Gel Polish: 12 Gel polishes (15ml), 2 Liquids, 2 Accessories

Note: you can order as many Mystery Boxes as you want - we won’t be sending duplicates. No returns or exchanges.